4 Musts of a Good CD Packaging Design?

Published: 18th February 2011
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CD Packaging design is one of the reasons why the hard format is still alive. When everyone is going digital, it is wise to offer your fans something that cannot be downloaded. As they say, music alone will not sell. Do not just give them forgettable artwork and packaging like the ones we see every day in record stores- give them something that’s so awesome that they simply have to purchase your album. And not just purchase your album, but tell everyone about it.

So what comprises a good CD packaging design?

Your CD packaging design should protect the CDs. I see a lot of those flimsy cases that are just too cool to be functional. Some CD packaging designs are creative but they do not fulfill their #1 function, which is to enclose and protect the discs. It is cool to come up with fun CD packaging designs but you should never forget that it’s supposed to protect the disc from spills, from dust, from slipping. Creativity s

Your CD packaging design should instantly get people’s attention. This is a must especially now that downloads are preferred by most people. People now are so demanding and frugal because there are so many bands nowadays and especially because they have the choice not to buy music.

Your CD packaging design should be friendly to the environment. This is not a must but you would certainly give Mother Nature a big favor by using soy-based inks instead of petroleum, eco-friendly cases, recycled materials, and by not using too much plastic.

Your CD packaging design should start a conversation. CD Packaging may not matter much to popular acts like Madonna or lady Gaga because their fans would buy their album no matter what’s on the cover anyway. CD packaging has higher value to indie bands and new acts since it could be the key for them to get noticed. Create a CD packaging design that would let people talk.

I hope you will follow these simple tips when designing your CD packaging. Always remember to keep the balance between functionality and creativity and think "viral" when brainstorming for an idea. With thousands of new artists releasing albums these days, you will surely have an edge if you put some thought (and lots of creativity) to your CD packaging design. Good luck

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